Busy lawyers - meet your personal business dev concierge.

NEXL Concierge gives you the full power of NEXL, at the highest level.

Automate your network building with our done-for-you business development services.

Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

Who is NEXL Concierge best for?

Are you a lawyer too busy to prospect, manage and grow your network?

If so, NEXL Concierge is a complete personal business development concierge service that will find, screen and deliver new partners to you every month.

How exactly does NEXL Concierge work?

Simply tell your dedicated NEXL Concierge the type of partners you're looking to meet, then, sit back and allow us to set up five (5) high-fit, pre-vetted, pre-screened meetings for you every month, accordingly to your schedule and calendar.

It's done-for-you business development, all around the world.

What sort of meetings should you expect?

Only the meetings you want.

Like a good concierge, NEXL Concierge will make sure you meet only those partners who you deem 100% acceptable for a meeting.

We 100% guarantee your full satisfaction and you don't pay unless you're happy with your meetings.

How NEXL Concierge works

Tell your NEXL Concierge your needs and preferences.

Our concierge survey will ask you a series of questions to determine exactly who you’d like more referrals from, their demographics and from what jurisdictions. 
With the information, NEXL will source for you five (5) potential partners, doing the hard work of sorting through hundreds of thousands of potential picks and contacting only those with “high fit” potential for you.

Your concierge will filter and match you with Top Picks.

Next, your personal concierge then will match you with a short-list of matches who have been pre-vetted, pre-screened and determined to be a “high-fit” through a personal phone-interview.

Each of these matches will then be delivered to you for your approval and each match can be swapped for a better fit at any time before contacting them.

Start driving new business through concierge partners.

After contacting your matches, your personal concierge will then follow-up with you for feedback at the beginning of each month. 

During this feedback session, you’ll be able to amend your survey answers, update your preference or completely change your strategy in a few clicks.

Your order:
1x Concierge Request incl. 5 meetings with high fit and pre-screened partners

By starting your survey, you agree to our standard Terms & Conditions.


Your time is money. Buy more time for yourself with NEXL Concierge. A business development system that does the hard work of sourcing, vetting and coordinating the 1-to-1 meetings that help you grow your network and generate more work for your practice.

Completely risk free. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.