Network building for high-growth law firms

Our software helps your firm grow its network, keep top of mind with partners and track referral return on investment – without a single excel spreadsheet. 

So simple, your lawyers will use it.

Build, grow and manage your firm's network using a simple, firm-wide tool

NEXL is the only tool you’ll need to activate, manage and capture your firm’s global network.

Access your firm's entire network. Instantly.

“Do we know anyone who practices _____.”
Never send another firm wide email asking for help. NEXL helps the firm’s lawyers quickly see your entire referral network at a glance, giving them real time information on all your referral partners and guidance on how to allocate client needs.

Build better referral relationships. Easily.

“I sent them an email asking when can we meet again?”

Referrals are based on relationships. NEXL helps your firm’s lawyers engage with your best referrals partners by giving them up-to-date information on recent partner transactions, internal discussions and future opportunities to reach out.

Get the clear ROI. Succeed where others have fail.

“Half of my money is wasted on marketing, the question is which half.” – John Wanamaker.
NEXL’s reporting dashboard will make sure you understand how your network generating actions are helping the bottom line. Know which partners brought in what referrals and the net ROI on your total referral network activities, without ever creating an excel sheet.

1,500+ Law Firms already on NEXL

Corporate Firms

IP Firms

Dispute Firms

Track referrals right from within Outlook with a single click.

NEXL’s Referral Tracking Tool makes it easy for your firm to capture both outbound and inbound referrals, without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

What Our Clients Say

We let our clients speak for us…

NEXL provides an intuitive online platform that enables users to build global networks, to streamline the exchange of referrals, and to track and report on those quickly and easily.
Christie Guimond
Senior Manager, White & Case
The NEXL platform has the potential to significantly reduce the friction and cost in providing global services to clients. It’s an exciting new development in our industry.
Sam Nickless
COO and Partner, G+T
The importance and revenue potential of focused relationships between law firms is significantly undervalued by most law firms. Law Firms need systems in place to manage those relationships.
Stephen Revell

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