Here's you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions

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What sort of partners should I expect to match with?

NEXL's core value is in connecting you with possible referral partners who you would otherwise never meet, around the world. With just your profile, we can source you new partners from literally anywhere you want to grow your network within, at scale.

What should I be "doing" on NEXL to grow my network?

To get the best results out of NEXL we suggest using the NEXL daily "habit loop"

(1) Go through your Matches these are your better prospective partners because they are looking for partners like you, now.
(2) Search and add others to your network list this seeds the start of new conversations, and
(3) Boost your presence by logging your referrals

In combination this daily habit loop will help you send a strong signal to others, about where your value does and helps you meet better partners, in less time.

Are there any IT issues I need to know or inform my firm about?

NEXL is similar to most other SaaS tool you're currently using today, in either your personal or private life. However, if you have any further questions you can always reach us at [email protected] We're here to help.

If I decide to change firms, can I keep my profile and contacts on NEXL?

Absolutely. NEXL will automatically port over all your contacts into your new profile and let your contacts know about your new profile for you.