"It Is Literally True That You Can Succeed Best And Quickest By Helping Others To Succeed." – Napolean Hill​

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We at NEXL are all about collaboration and creating opportunities for anyone within the legal industry. Together we can achieve so much more and will be able to change the industry.

Exigent is the leading alternative legal services provider offering technology, strategy and consulting services for legal departments and the C-suite. We help forward-thinking CEOs, CFOs and GCs to realize the potential of data locked in contracts and legal documents. We do this through a combination of contract management technology, business acumen and legal expertise.

Lexub is an online lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace that seeks to help lawyers generate revenue, leads and profile through licensing of documents to other lawyers, while also expanding lawyers’ direct access to precedents and example documents. Lexub is intended to help democratise lawyers’ access to precedents, example contracts, and other legal work product, utilising a shared-economy type marketplace platform.

CLIC is a pioneer in Structured Legal Innovation, which uses tried-and-tested tools and techniques that other industries have successfully employed for decades — and customizes them to serve the unique needs of the legal services ecosystem.
Online Solution Attorney offers online legal consultations by Skype and Email. The services will be rendered to you by a lawyer of your choice, subject to strict ethics by the regulations of his profession.
Lawganised is a Brisbane based business management consultancy that was created with the vision of instilling certainty in law firms. Certainty in terms of cash flow, and a streamlined back office. This, in turn, gives principals more freedom and a fresh new outlook on their firms and their lives.

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Do you believe you can you can add value to the legal industry and our global community of lawyers?

We are here to create opportunities for you and anyone who is looking to improve the legal industry on a global scale. 

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