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Only firm-wide license available

To get the most out of NEXL 360, your firm needs to track client interactions across your firm and not only for selected lawyers. This is why our NEXL 360 packages are only available firm-wide.

Select how many lawyers your firm has

Prices for lawyers


$ 16
  • Contact Management
  • Automatic contact and activity tracking
  • Stay-in-touch reminders
  • Data Enrichment
  • 150 credits / user / year*

Only firm-wide license available

To get the most out of NEXL 360, your firm needs to track client interactions across your firm and not only for selected lawyers. This is why our NEXL 360 packages are only available firm-wide.

Select how many lawyers your firm has

Prices for lawyers

NEXL CRM + 360

from $
  • All NEXL CRM Features
  • Firm-wide activity tracking
  • Client Insights
  • Marketing Lists
  • 200 credits / user / year
  • 3 months retrospective relationship data

CRM + 360 PRO

from $
  • All NEXL CRM + 360 Features
  • In-Built Client Prospecting
  • Opportunity & Goal tracking
  • Email marketing integrations
  • 250 Credits / User / Year
  • 12 Months Retrospective Relationship Data​
  • 2 additional training sessions

CRM + 360 Enterprise

from $
  • All NEXL CRM + 360 PRO
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Data Steward
  • 40 hours custom integration development
  • 500 Credits / User / Year
  • 36 Months Retrospective Relationship Data​
  • 4 additional training sessions
  • Custom SSO integration

All features


    • Contact management for individual lawyers
    • Integration into Office 365 Inbox (individual)
    • Automatic tracking of contacts + interactions
    • Stay in touch reminders
    • Notes & Reminders
    • Referral tracking
    • Outlook Plugin
    • Data enrichment 150 credits per license year
    • 1 online training session
    • SSO Office 365

  • NEXL CRM + NEXL 360

    • All features in CRM
    • Office 365 integration to Exchange server
    • Automatic tracking of firm wide email activity
    • Firm-wide client insights
    • Relationship mapping
    • Marketing list manager
    • 150 data enrichment credits per license per year
    • 3 months retrospective relationship data
    • 1 online training session

  • CRM + NEXL 360 Pro

    • All features in CRM + NEXL 360
    • In-built client prospecting
    • Opportunity and goal tracking
    • Email marketing integraitons (MailChimp, Vuture)
    • 250 data enrichment credits per user per year
    • 12 months retrospective relationship data
    • Up to 3 online training session

  • CRM + NEXL 360 Enterprise Talk to sales for more information

    • All features in CRM + NEXL Pro
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Dedicated Data Steward
    • Up to 5 online training session
    • 40 hours custom integration development
    • Custom SSO integration (Okta, OneLogin, ADFS)
    • Up to 36 Months retrospective relationship data
    • 500 data enrichment credits per user per year
    • 24/7 support
    • Contact sales for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Today most lawyers have contacts spread out across social media, business cards, e-mail and networking events.

NEXL’s Contact Manager is a next-generation rolodex that helps lawyers manage all their contacts, making it easy for you to see all your contacts in one place and stay in connected to them all with reminders, notes and a complete event breakdown of all your interactions.

NEXL can be up and running within days and will deliver instant ROI for your lawyers and BD team. Generally, we suggest a 4-week implementation plan for your lawyers to start using NEXL. We will work with you on a full communications and implementation plan to ensure the highest adoption rates throughout the firm. We provide email templates for internal comms and will track adoption for you. This will help us focus on the right offices, practice groups and individuals to get the best outcome possible. The most important thing is to deliver a message that explains the “Why” behind relationships management. Why lawyers should manage them, how it helps them individually and how it helps them achieve their revenue goals.
NEXL doesn’t require intense training. The tools are easy to use. We still provide training sessions to you and your lawyers. This is not focused on NEXL’s functionality but rather on a strategy, we teach lawyers to get more out of their relationships and improve their overall ability to do business development. We believe it’s more important to teach a strategy than teaching someone how to use a tool.
Yes. We will be with you step by step. We will provide you with ongoing support and insights on your lawyer’s progress.
Yes. We have the same security and privacy measures in place as systems like Salesforce and HubSpot. Your data is encrypted at transit and at rest and is hosted on ISO27001 certified data centres. We work with many EU law firms who have put us through intense due diligence processes and GDPR compliance checks. NEXL also helps you stay GDPR compliant by helping you remove outdated and un-used personal information. For more information see https://nexl.io/security

Your data is hosted within the EU. Why did we choose EU for our global server infrastructure? The GDPR is as of today one of the strictest data protection regulation in place. This ensures our global clients that no matter where they are, their data and privacy is looked after.

Yes! All data saved within the NEXL platform is backed up on a consistent, recurring basis. Additionally, failover is built into every piece of the platform our customers use. Data is backed up daily, weekly and monthly. Daily backups are retained for 7 days and weekly backups for 4 weeks.
It’s actually pretty simple to understand. We use the same connection as your phone would use to get your emails. We connect your NEXL account to your email server. The big difference, we can only read the header information of your emails and don’t have access to the email content. This ensures sensitive client information is never sent or processed by any of NEXL’s systems. We use your IT administrator user access to connect each user’s inbox and subscribe to event updates. Each time someone sends or receives an email, our system is informed, and we add the event with all from, to and cc email addresses to your NEXL 360 data store. We then use advanced mapping algorithms to map your firm’s relationships. Last but not least we use a library of over 2.6 billion professional profiles, to enrich your contact’s information to avoid manual data entry.
It works extremely well. Our overall data completeness is currently 75%. Some contacts will be better enriched than others. We will highlight contacts which have important contact information missing so your business development and administrative team can manually add missing information, easily.
We can import any existing contact information into NEXL to give you an even better start. This is although not needed as we can scan your email server for contact information. We can go back for more than 12 months and discover your firm’s relationships for you.

Our in-built prospecting solution helps you discover contacts within your existing clients you are currently not connected to.

E.g Your lawyers are connected to 15 of your client’s legal team but their legal team consists of 45 lawyers. We will show you the 30 lawyers you do not know yet.

You can also search from a public list of over 100 million companies and discover the right contact to reach out to. 

And yes, the prospecting solutions are GDPR compliant. For more information on how to properly use the prospecting tools, talk to one of our NEXL representatives. 

Started in early 2019, NEXL officially launched in mid-2019 with offices in Sydney Australia and New York City.

In a little more than a year, our community of law firms and users has grown to over +3,500 law firms in over 130 countries. We are venture backed and have the endorsement of work-class lawyer and advisors, like Stephen Revell from Freshfields.

If you’re looking to learn business. of law skills, connect with new contacts, create better relationships, be found by more partners – then NEXL is for you.

There are three types of content

  • Expert Courses helping lawyers learn the business of law skills they didn’t learn in law school.
  • Articles and video content on lawyer branding, marketing, practice management and much more
  • Finally, our community member share everything from personal content about their practice up to events and promotional materials that help them stand out to others.
Yes. While NEXL’s directory page is lawyer-to-lawyer community and each individual get their own directory listing, NEXL also allows firms to start and manage their own firms company page inside the Business of Law Comunity, as well. 

Today, NEXL is one of the fastest growing legal communities in the world with over +3,500 law firms, most independent, in over in 130 countries and growing every day.

Corporate lawyer

- United Kingdom

An experienced lawyer specialising in the areas of corporate and commercial laws, mergers and acquisitions and funds practice. I have a good deal of experience in advising limited companies and funds in M&A and private equity transactions as well as general corporate advisory work. I also advise clients on cryptocurrency and Blockchain structuring and advisory matters. 


- Mexico

Francisco Capetillo Traeger – [email protected] / PATENTS –  MEXICO  (& Latinamerica) I initiated my practice in Intellectual Property back in 1992, practicing in the largest and most recognized firms, where I acquired experience and escalated to leading positions in some of the most important intellectual property firms in Mexico. I joined the Iberbrand team in 2016 as senior partner. By joining the Iberbrand team, I bring with me over 25 years of experience in every field of Intellectual Property, including but not limited to trademark searches and trademark advice, filing and prosecution matters, licensing and assignment of trademarks, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning and trademark litigation, infringement actions and enforcement, domain name litigation, and patents.  I represent big-name clients in the automotive, insurance and technological fields and manage portfolios for large and important companies. I have been involved and successfully settled complicated and delicate litigations on behalf of my clients.  Not only I managed and prevailed in serious litigations but has also dealt with and recovered key domain names in procedures before WIPO.  Within the International Trademark Association (INTA) and Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AMPPI) I have served on a number of committees related to trademarks and domain names. I have written several articles for various international journals on the matter such as Managing Intellectual Property.  LEGAL 500 recommends me in the field of IP as a valued member of the IP team who looks after big-name clients. My formality as well as my quick responsiveness makes me a remarkable attorney and negotiator.  I am a family man and love riding my bicycle in his spare time, both road and mountain. I also love progressive, alternative and classical music and enjoy nature.AREAS OF PRACTICE Intellectual PropertyTrademark and Patent Prosecution and ConsultingTrademark and Patent Litigation and EnforcementForeign prosecution and LitigationDue diligence (audits)Franchising and LicensingDeclarations of Fame and Notoriety EDUCATION LL.B. Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City MEMBERSHIP International Trademark Association (INTA)Association Internationale pour la Protection de laPropriétè Intellectuelle (AIPPI) LANGUAGES English and Spanish

Associate Advocate

- Kenya

CEO & European Trademark and Design Attorney

- Spain

I have more than than 15 years of experience in how you can expand your online business with a proactive IPR-strategy and minimizing the risks. I combine traditional trademark practice with Know-how and the Information technology needed to be able to succeed in a constantly changing market. My client range goes from traditional industrial manufacturing, medical supplies, leading International online retailing stores to online gambling companies. A typical company profile usually includes a rapid expansion to new markets.Specialties: Intellectual Property Rights, Trademarks, E-Commerce Strategys, Domain names 

Managing Partner

- Portugal

Tiago Reis Nobre is one of Inventa International Managing Partners, and one of the responsible for the company’s recent development and recognition as a prestigious Intellectual Property (IP) consultant, in Portugal and abroad. Tiago is in charge for Inventa International activities in Portugal and Portuguese speaking markets, providing the necessary tactical support to the team.Alongside with his management role, Tiago has a valuable experience as Trademark & Patent Attorney. This experience gives him deep knowledge concerning IP, which enables him to determine and recommend on the best approaches to defend all IP interests.This experience has given him an overview of different IP strategies, allowing to establish insightful and flexible tactical approaches to safeguard and explore all IP Interests, in a wide range of business areas.Tiago Reis Nobre is also an active member of several recognized IP associations, and participates in a wide number of events that allow him to keep up with the latest developments in all IP matters, including IP protection, strategy and enforcement.

corporate life science healthcare start-ups & new technologies I Managing Partner

- Poland

Provide support that you want to change in size to those who are starting their business or are at an early stage of development, as well as enjoying long experience and experience.  Is a real partner for clients, helping them navigate issues related to the creation of companies, medical and pharmaceutical law, contract negotiations, compliance, investments, mergers and acquisitions, strategic business offers and other problems, meet with daily meetings.  The Błażej Group also practices before courts throughout the country, has developed creative court strategies to help you achieve the required result.  Passionate about new technology, which he tries to implement in everyday work at IPSO Legal.

Data Protection / IT / Commercial Attorney

- France

Caroline is recognized as a data protection expert, and advises French and foreign companies in a wide cross-section of industries, on issues relating to:• personal data protection, cybersecurity & privacy• new technology (internet, e-commerce, digital, IT contracts)• drafting and negotiation of contracts• commercial law and consumer protection (B2C agreements, advertising, commercial relations)She is passionate about technology, innovation and creativity. Her clients include organizations across a wide range of sectors including luxury goods, entertainment, retail, technology, digital advertising, e-commerce, automotive and aeronautic industries. She has experience handling multijurisdictional audits and compliance projects relating to European and French data and consumer protection regulations, and has been seconded to several clients to assist them with their GDPR compliance project. Caroline has an LL.M. and a Certificate in Law and Technology from UC Berkeley School of Law, and was admitted to practice law in France in 2014. Before joining Delsol Avocats, a French entrepreneurial law firm, Caroline was a Senior Associate of the IPT department at the global law firm DLA Piper. She also had an experience in Hong Kong (seconded for 2 months).

Managing Partner

- Nigeria

An internationally recognised corporate lawyer, Olayemi Anyanechi is the founding partner of the globally-acclaimed firm, Sefton Fross, a Nigerian law firm. Known for her technical expertise, client-oriented focus and structured approach to complex local and cross-border transactions, Olayemi is recognised as one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria, including in Legal500, IFLR1000, Chambers and Who's Who Legal and frequently retained by clients on a multitude of sophisticated transactions.  Her main areas of practice are mergers and acquisitions (public and private); oil and gas, energy and utilities (acquisitions, divestments, project development and financing), equity and debt capital markets, financing (corporate, project, structured & trade financing as well as derivatives) and foreign direct investments. Beyond her dynamic client work, Olayemi is constantly pioneering and contributing to the pillar industries of Nigeria's economy through her written publications, speaking engagements, legislative committee oversight and occupation of several directorships.

Managing Partner

- Kenya

I am the Managing Partner of Menezes & Partners Advocates.  I was admitted to the Roll of Advocates in Kenya, that is, the Bar on the 8th day of May 2008. I attained her Dual Honours LLB Degree in Law and Business Administration from Keele University in the United Kingdom. As the Managing Partner, I oversee all of the firms Areas of Practice.  Highlights of Matters Handled:  I Prosecuted a claim in an Arbitration Construction Dispute where an award of Kshs. 86,508,276.21 plus costs and interest at commercial bank rates was given . In 2013, I was part of the defence team for the Member of Parliament for the Othaya Constituency whose election was challenged through an Election Petition. The Election Petition was dismissed with costs.  I successfully defended the Registered owners of a property in a Constitutional Petition Case involving unlawful evictions in the context of the constitutional right to housing, sanitation, health, water as well as right to human dignity. The judgment delivered is now the landmark and authoritative precedent on how evictions are to be conducted in Kenya. I have acted for a client in a Sale transaction involving the sale of a property valued at Kshs. 255,000,000/=  I continue to undertake Realization of securities, Preparation of Debentures, Preparation and registration of charges, General conveyance work and Debt Collection for the firm’s vast client base.I have passion for the law, indefatigable work ethic, forthrightness, ingenuity and exemplary client service that has ensured that Menezes & Partners Advocates continues to grow and curve a niche for itself as an up and coming law firm of choice for many clients within and outside the Kenyan Borders  


- United States

Brian MatlockPartner, Co-Chair of Commercial Litigation [email protected](212) 837-2600 Location: Irvine, CA, Los Angeles, CAPractice Areas & Industries:Bankruptcy and Creditor RightsBusiness LawEnergy and UtilitiesGeneral CorporateHigh Tech and emerging innovationsIntellectual PropertyLitigation & Dispute ResolutionPatentsSEC Regulation and Corporate GovernanceSEC Reporting & ComplianceTraditional ManufacturingBrian Matlock is a partner and co-chair of the YK Law LLP Commercial Litigation Practice and is based in the Los Angeles, CA and Irvine, CA offices. Brian Matlock practices broadly in the areas of litigation/dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, patents and intellectual property, corporate law, securities regulation, corporate restructuring and business bankruptcy.  He advises clients in shareholder disputes, corporate structured transactions, technology transfer and licensing, corporate and venture funding, mergers/acquisitions, and securities/anti-fraud litigation.  His clients are primarily in the private equity, privately held entities, manufacturing, high technology/software/Internet, energy and utilities, medical devices, chemicals and life sciences industries. Brian is admitted in the Central, Eastern, and Northern District Federal Courts and Federal Bankruptcy Courts in California and all Superior Courts. He is also admitted in the Eastern and Western District Federal Courts in Missouri, where was raised and is a member of the Missouri Bar.  In addition, Brian has handled numerous cases in Federal Courts in various jurisdictions, especially Delaware, on a Pro Hac Vice basis. Brian previously worked as licensing associate in University technology transfer, assisting faculty and investors in launching cutting edge technology in therapeutics, diagnostics, chemicals, advanced materials, software and energy.  Prior to that, he worked as corporate counsel in house for Sanmina-SCI, a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer and developer, where he directed all of the company commercial contract, corporate law, intellectual property and patent related matters.  While at Sanmina, he directed all company patent and intellectual property litigation in various jurisdictions worldwide and matters before the International Trade Commission.Education Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, LL.M in Technology and Intellectual Property Law McGeorge School of Law, JD, Sacramento, CA Washington University in St. Louis, MBA University of Missouri, Columbia, BS Chemical Engineering Bar Admissions California Missouri Memberships American Intellectual Property Law Association; Licensing Executives Society Anthony M. Kennedy Inns of Court, Sacramento, CA Recognition Ranked 1st in LLM Technology and Intellectual Property program, Washington University in St. Louis University of Pacific, JD, honors with distinction; Traynor Society Anthony M. Kennedy, Inns of Court, Sacramento, CA Publications May 10, 2013 “The eBay Test, Non-Practicing Entities, and the Domestic Industry Requirement of Section 1337: Which NPE’s Should Qualify for the Licensing Exception?”, Washington University School of Law Advanced Patent Law Annual Summaries July 2014 “Trends in Patent Claim Construction Case Law”, National Association of Patent Practitioners Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV March 2015 “Top Ten Issues for Fundable Startups”, Investors and Inventors Boot Camp, Silicon Valley, CA Experience Notable transactions handled by Brian Matlock include: Round C Equity Funding Private Securities Solar Plus Storage Equipment and Software Integrator; Integrated Energy Storage Provider San Francisco, CA.  Led intellectual property due diligence of M&A restructuring and led team on an international intellectual property portfolio development, procurement and protection strategy, including intellectual property comprising computer implemented methods patents, software patents and copyright, domain names, trade dress, trademarks, and a company-wide trade secret compliance process, leading a team including two attorneys, a patent agent, and two paralegals.  Successfully completed tasks required to close a $40MM funding round based largely on valuation of intangible assets, largely intellectual property and goodwill of company. Exclusive License Defense and Electronics Components Maker, Fremont, CA.  Draft and negotiate terms and conditions; execute exclusive license deal for a global provider of defense systems utilizing client passive electronics devices and power supply technology. Worked closely w. client inventor/CEO to develop key milestone timing in coordination w. licensee commercialization and development timelines. Corporate Formation Delaware Corporation and Board Related Issues Governance; Stock Option Plan; Shareholder Agreement; Drafted Asset Purchase Agreement; Assignment of Inventors; Master Services Agreement and Software as a Service Agreement, Mapping Software Underground Utilities, GIS Technologies Mapping, Novato, CA. California LLC Formation and Board and Shareholder Related Actions; Buy Sell Agreement;   Integrated Energy Storage, LLC, Stockton, CA.  Inventor assignments of patents and all intellectual property to company. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Plan of Reorganization; Real Estate and Stables Business, Northern District Bankruptcy Court of California, Case No. Case No.: 13-41088 (2013).  Led reorganization team of three attorneys, two paralegals, a Certified Public Accountant, and Management Consulting professional to a successful confirmation and completion of a complex Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization for Real Estate and Business Restructuring Matter. Corporate Law Directors and Shareholders Dispute; In Re Mechanical Contractor; Superior Court San Jose, Case No. 1-12-CV-236673 (2012).  Developed a trial strategy and corporate valuation strategy with client. Obtained a verdict in favor of our client resulting in a buyout of the opposing party and a restructuring of client’s business after two years of complex litigation and a company valuation as a result of various motions filed and argued successfully before Superior Court. Copyright Infringement Litigation and Trial, Book Author; Author. v. Publisher, et. al., Central District of California, Case No. CV08-05321 RSWL (Ctx) (2009).   Obtained verdict in trial in 2011 in Central District of California, Los Angeles, before the Honorable Justice Ronald Lew.  Directed, as First Chair Attorney, and led a team of two attorneys and two paralegals to develop with client author a trial strategy in Copyright Infringement and Commercial dispute, resulting in an approximately $250K verdict.  . Copyright Infringement and Trade Secret Misappropriation, Software for Storage Devices; Software Provider v. Storage Manufacturer, Northern District of California, Case No. C: 11-03025 PSG (2011).  Obtained a favorable settlement for international client from China in trade secret and copyright dispute over software and methods. Directed and led a team of a patent attorney, two litigators, and two paralegals. Trade Secret Misappropriation and Trademark Infringement, Winery Insulation Systems; Technology Development Corp. v. Winery Engineering Provider, Northern District of California, Case No. CV11-04268 (2011).  Obtained a favorable multiple six-figure lump sum plus a structured settlement for international client from Australia in trade secret, trademark and commercial dispute over client’s proprietary wine industry cooling methods and processes. Directed and led a team of one intellectual property attorney, two litigators, and two paralegals. Exclusive Technology License Buried Capacitance Technolgy, San Jose, CA.  Worked closely w. licensee counsel to negotiate terms and execute deal for $3MM plus royalties, 3 year exclusive license agreement. Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation; Licensee PCB Fabricator. v. Global Licensor, et. al., International Trade Commission, Case for certain pre-pregs, laminates, and printed circuit boards; Case No. 337-TA-659 (2007).  Worked with outside counsel in ITC Section 337 matter for Exclusion Order.  Assisted in reaching terms for settlement. Trade Secret Misappropriation Mediation, Heat-Exchange Systems; Heat Exchange Technology and Sugar Co., Superior Court Solano County, Case No.: FCS 027042 (2006).  Obtained a favorable approximately $500k lump sum settlement and contract for new business for emerging growth client from Benicia, CA in a trade secret litigation dispute settled during a JAMS mediation regarding client’s proprietary thermal heat exchange cooling apparatus and methods. Directed and led a team of one litigator, and two paralegals while serving as lead and intellectual property counsel.  First case as an attorney ends successfully! [email protected]  212-837-2600© Copyright 2020 YK Law. Web Design by Appnet.com | Sitema

Senior legal Research officer

- Uganda

 I am self motivated, hard working, self directed, builder and result oriented professional.

Managing Partner at Dulewski Sikora Law Firm

- Poland

Jakub Sikora is an attorney-at-law with over a dozen years of experience he gained working for the largest law firms country and world-wide.​ His key area of expertise is M&A advisory. He advise shareholders and managers of Polish companies as well as foreign investors in both asset and shares deals as well as infrastructure projects (often realized in public private partnership formula). His professional practice focuses on corporate and business matters, including day-to-day corporate advisory, negotiating complex business agreements as well as verifying company’s compliance with Polish law. He has also gained a broad experience in setting up foreign investors businesses in Poland while advising shareholders of Polish companies, foreign investors, companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange in Poland as well as start-ups.  Jakub graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and postgraduate studies in public procurement at the Leon Koźminski University in Warsaw. Prior to joining Dulewski Sikora law office, Jakub worked as an associate in Wierzbowski Eversheds and further as a senior associate in Dentons. He speaks English and French fluently.


- Spain

Corporate: M&A, Contract Law, Joint Ventures, Private Equity, Corporate Governance and Familiy Business.Real Estate: Advise on mid-large real estate investments by private equity and Family Offices (development, hospitality).IT: Technology based Start-ups, Technlogy Transfer, Computer Law & Internet, Information Security, Outsourcing ITO/AM, e-commerce, Telecoms Law. 

Managing Partner

- Nigeria

Seun Timi-Koleolu is the Managing Partner of Pavestones, a modern full-service, solution driven and commercially savvy law practice with a particular interest in technology and innovation. Pavestones is licensed by the National Information Technology Development Agency of Nigeria as a Data Protection Compliance Organisation in Nigeria.Seun has substantial experience in protecting the interest of businesses in various industries and driving the successful completion of major regional and cross border transactions, including the first major Information Technology Outsourcing Project in Africa.  As a result of her passion for supporting the growth of businesses particularly companies utilising technology to solve problems, she works  with a team of lawyers to assist such companies in understanding their regulatory terrain and in pushing past barriers to the success of their operations. She also advises these businesses on data privacy and the proper use of data to further their business.  She is recognised as a highly skilled commercially minded lawyer, who is able to balance her passion for excellence with her desire to ensure clients achieve their commercial goals. She has strong strategic thinking skills, which she utilises to positively impact the growth of her clients’ businesses.She has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Warwick and a Masters in Corporate and Commercial law from the University College London.


- Chile

Oscar’s practice focuses on issues related to the protection and defense of IP assets, technology contracts, privacy, domain names, software licensing and e-commerce. He also has significant experience in advertising issues, regulation in the entertainment industry and consumer protection.He holds an LLM degree from New York University and from the National University of Singapore. Oscar has been recognized by prestigious legal rankings such as Chambers & Partners in the area of Intellectual Property, Leaders League in the area of Technology and Digital Services, and by World Trademark Review. Additionally, he has also been named as a finalist in Leading Lawyers in the Data Protection category.Currently, Oscar serves as Chapter Co-Chair for Chile of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and has been certified by the same organization in Privacy Management (CIPM). Moreover, he is an active member of the International Trademark Association (INTA), where he is the Subcommittee Chair for the Amicus Brief committee of Latin America.

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