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  • Identify your best referral sources
  • Know when to thank or reach out to 
  • Track your relationship management ROI and firm revenue   

Why you should track your referrals

Know where your business is coming from

Identify your best referral sources and pinpoint exactly where clients and new business is originating. Build better relationships with your strongest sources.

Help clients faster & stay top of mind

Delight your clients and streamline the referral process. If you made a referral track the status of your client, and know how their matter is progressing

Productive business with referral partners
Stop spending hours searching for the right attorney to refer a client to. Maintain a strong network of referral partners and stay more productive.  
Track ROI of Business development efforts
Understand what marketing and business development efforts are proving to be most successful to your firm. To do that you need accurate reliable data. 

Track referrals. In and Out with a single click of a button.

Better understand your firm’s referral relationships to  reward your most valuable contacts. NEXL gives you the information to make better referral decisions about where to put your relationship building time and effort.

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