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Why do lawyers use NEXL?

Because relationships are everything in the legal industry. 

If you’re a private practice lawyer then you know relationships are the key to consistent work (and your partner track). 

NEXL helps lawyers build stronger relationships with your business contacts — turning your contacts into consistent legal work.

Go from partner to rainmaker with NEXL.

Turn your contacts into consistent legal work.

Managing relationships can be hard. 

NEXL’s Contacts Management Tool makes staying connected to your contacts easy by helping you organise your contacts in one place and reminding you to reach out.

By following up and stay top of mind,  you’ll develop stronger relationships that help you generate more work.

Be found inside NEXL's Referral Community.

Stop going to random networking events. Start matching with new referral partners in minutes.

Unlike in person networking or social media, NEXL’s Referral Community helps you connect to new partners by suggesting you to others based on your practice areas and their partner preferences.


Build your reputation as an expert.

NEXL helps you grow your personal brand.

NEXL’s Referral community makes it easy for you to market your personal brand and build trust by publishing your articles and firm content inside our community.

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