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Create a powerful referral network for your practice with a platform that helps you do it all.

Be found, more often.

Unlike networking or your current social media profile, your NEXL private profile allows your constantly be in front of potential partners and makes it easy for them to chat and send you referrals with one-click referral tracking.

Grow your network, bigger and better.

Based on your profile, NEXL will match you with others looking to refer you work. Our special matching algorithm was designed for the legal industry and uses your practice areas, sectors, firm size, years in practice and reciprocity potential scores to put you together with people you’d never meet in real life, all around the world. 

Go up-market. Go International.

With a new growing network of partners, you can now access the global legal market and solve your clients’ international demand through the power of networks. 

NEXL makes it easy to manage your relationships (and go up-market) with tools like referral tracking, network insights and matter collaboration.

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