We help you grow your personal referral network.

Create a powerful referral network for your practice with a platform that helps you do it all.

Be found, more often.

Unlike in-person networking or your current social media profile, your smart NEXL profile helps you connect to potential legal partners by suggesting you to others and making it easy for them to search for you, chat and send you a referral.

Stay top of mind with your network

Managing your referral network can be difficult and time consuming without help. NEXL makes the process easy by constantly scanning your network and telling you when there is a new opportunity for you to reach out.

All your referral data, in one place.

NEXL can help you organise all your referral data into one easy to use referral dashboard and can give you network insights into each of your network partners. Understand in real time your best partners, the status of any outstanding referral and/or the overall strength of your legal network, instantly.

A unique lawyer-to-lawyer social community.

NEXL is the fastest growing lawyer-to-lawyer platform in the world, designed exclusively for the legal profession with a built-in social media stream that allows your content to reach other professionals and grow your personal brand.

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