Fireside Chat: Doing business in Africa

On this episode of NEXL’s Fireside Chats, NEXL Community Law Firms lead a conversation helping us understand how to do business in Africa.

With a steadily growing population heading towards 2bn, Africa’s 1.1bn workforces will be the world’s largest by 2040. We are seeing more and more countries doing work with African countries like Nigeria – make sure you catch this wave early.

In our fireside chat with partners from NEXL’s African firms, we covered:

  • What it takes to do business in Africa
  • What I need to know as a foreigner working in Africa
  • Legal considerations in Africa Regulatory considerations in Africa

We had some fantastic guest speakers to learn more about doing business in Africa including:

⚖️ Pauline Kamunya-McAsila of Menezes & Partners Advocates
⚖️ Seun Timi-Koleolu of Pavestones
⚖️ ADERONKE Alex-Adedipe of Pavestones
⚖️ Joe Amisi of Lehmann Associates®SHOW LESS

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