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NEXL's community platform helps lawyers grow their referral relationships by making it easy for you to connect with new referral partners - around the world.

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Thousands of lawyers world-wide use NEXL to grow and manage their personal network.

NEXL helps you generate new clients by helping you stay connected with your referral partners.


Feels like there’s never enough time to do it all?

Serve your clients, generate new business and grow your practice using the options you have today.


The old way of generating new clients is slow, time consuming and expensive, designed for a less busy world where clients demand less.

Because regardless of what you do to generate new business

. Networking
. Business Dev
. Associations
. Meetings

They ALL have one thing in common, holding you back from really growing your practice.

Today's options all take A LOT of time, money and resources -- and most importantly, YOU.

NEXL helps busy lawyers
generate more clients, EASIER.

NEXL helps busy lawyers generate more clients by connecting you with new referral partners, around the world.

Here’s how NEXL works.

With just your profile, NEXL can connect you to the right referral partners, looking for you - today.

So instead of:

1) Scrolling through LinkedIn
2) Endlessly searching through directories
3) Going to awkward networking events, or
4) Needless business travel

Let NEXL connect you with the right partners, fast.

Traditional networking is slow, inefficient and time-consuming.

The NEXL community platform, helps you connect with the new partners to help you grow your referral network, at the speed of the internet - all around the world.

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We let our community members speak for us…

NEXL provides an intuitive online platform that enables users to build global networks, to streamline the exchange of referrals, and to track and report on those quickly and easily.
Christie Guimond
Senior Manager, White & Case
The NEXL platform has the potential to significantly reduce the friction and cost in providing global services to clients. It’s an exciting new development in our industry.
Sam Nickless
COO and Partner, G+T
The importance and revenue potential of focused relationships between law firms is significantly undervalued by most law firms. Law Firms need systems in place to manage those relationships.
Stephen Revell

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There’s no catch. NEXL helps lawyers generate new clients and do business globally by making it easy to grow their network, using our networking platform.

NEXL is free to join and use as a basic user, with premium networking tools available on a subscription basis. Be sure to check out our Pricing page for more details.

NEXL’s core value is matching you with other referral partners who you would otherwise never meet, looking for you. Our database and platform allows us to source partners from literally anywhere in the world you’re looking for partners.
Using technology similar to Google and Netflix, NEXL minimises the time and effort it takes you to grow your network by making it easy to be (1) found in search, (2) rank for certain practice areas/jurisdictions and (3) match with partners who you’re looking for and who are also looking to partner with you.
Similar to signing up for any other professional network, getting started is simply a matter of entering your work email. However, if you have any further questions you can reach us at [email protected]
Because we’re relative new — but growing fast. To date, our network has grown to over +2,000 law firms in over 117 countries in just the last three (3) months and we’ve made over 15000 matches between firms representing over 30,000 lawyers.
If you’re looking to be found by more partners and grow your network using smart technology, not your time and personal effort – then NEXL could help.
Today, NEXL is one of the fastest growing legal communities in the world with over +2,000 law firms, most independent, in over in 117 countries and growing faster every day.
Today most lawyers use in-person networking, LinkedIn, associations or law firm networks to grow their network. Unlike these options that take a lot of time and effort, NEXL makes it easier and less expensive to find and meet better partners by bringing partners to you.